44 Astral Tale Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Astral Tale Shortcuts for Windows

Gameplay Shortcuts

Action Astral Tale Shortcuts
Movement W A S D
Turn left Q
Turn right E
Jump Spacebar
Switch target Tab
Target’s target T
Costume Switch U
Sit/Stand X
Sheathe Wpn Z
Auto-follow ~
Party member 1 F1
Party member 2 F2
Party member 3 F3
Party member 4 F4
Party member 5 F5
Party member 6 F6
Party member 7 F7
Party member 8 F8
Summon Senshi 1 F9
Summon Senshi 2 F10
Summon Senshi 3 F11
Gliding R

User Interface Shortcuts

Action Astral Tale Shortcut keys
Map M
Character Info C
Hide UI Alt + H
Specializations J
Guild G
Quest Log L
Senshi N
Professions V
Speak channel Ctrl + S
Party channel Ctrl + P
Backpack B
Class K
Starstones P
Item Mall I
Terracottage H
Community O

Party Shortcuts

Action Astral Tale Shortcut keys
Shout Ctrl + Y
Guild channel Ctrl + G
World channel Ctrl + W
BF channel Ctrl + A
Whisper Ctrl + R
Trade channel Ctrl + T



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