49 eSignal Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Most used eSignal Shortcuts

Action eSignal Shortcuts
New Page Ctrl + Shift + N
Open Page Ctrl + O
Reload Page Ctrl + R
Close Page Shift + F4
Save Page Ctrl + S
Save Page As Ctrl + Shift + S
Insert Row Ctrl + I
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Clear Delete
Select All Ctrl + A
Insert List Ctrl + L
Chart Ctrl + 1
Watch List Ctrl + 2
Time and Sales Ctrl + 3
Market Depth Ctrl + 4
Hot List Ctrl + 5
Detailed Quotes Ctrl + 6
News Ctrl + 7
Option Chain Ctrl + 8
Insert Study Ctrl + +
Insert Symbol Ctrl + –
Trend Line Alt + T
Horizontal Line Alt + H
Vertical Line Alt + V
Pitchfork Alt + P
Ellipse Alt + L
Rectangle Alt + G
Regression Trend Alt + N
Fibonacci Circle Alt + C
Fibonacci Retracement Alt + R
Fibonacci Extension Alt + E
Fibonacci Time Alt + I
Text Alt + X
Arrow Up Alt + U
Arrow Down Alt + D
Gann Box Alt + B
Gann Angles Alt + A
Time and price Squares Alt + S
MOB Alt + M
TJ’s Ellipse Alt + J
PTI Alt + F
Localize Eliott Line Alt + Z
Cancel All Orders Ctrl + Alt + Q
Flatten All Ctrl + Alt + F
Account Manager Ctrl + Alt + A
Trade Manager Ctrl + 0
Properties Alt + Enter


What is eSignal?

eSignal is a real-time financial trading platform that provides access to market data, trading tools, and analysis for traders and investors.

Who can use eSignal?

eSignal is available to traders and investors of all levels, including individual investors, hedge fund managers, and professional traders.

What assets can be traded on eSignal?

eSignal provides access to a wide range of asset classes including stocks, futures, options, Forex, and cryptocurrencies.

What are the key features of eSignal?

eSignal offers a variety of features such as real-time data, customizable charts and indicators, backtesting capabilities, trade alerts, and news feeds. It also provides access to multiple exchanges, including NASDAQ, NYSE, and CME.

Is eSignal available on mobile devices?

Yes, eSignal has a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices, which allows users to access real-time data and place trades on the go.



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