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58 Zathura Keyboard Shortcuts

List of Zathura Shortcuts

Learn Zathura Shortcuts for Windows

Most Used Zathura Shortcuts

Action Zathura Shortcuts
Go to the next page J
Go to the previous page K
Scroll to the left direction H
Scroll to the down direction K
Scroll to the up direction J
Scroll to the right direction L
Scroll a half page left Ctrl + T
Scroll a half page down Ctrl + D
Scroll a half page up Ctrl + U
Scroll a half page right Ctrl + Y
Scroll a full page left, down, up, or right T
Goto to the first page G then G
Go to the last page Shift + G
Go to a specific page N then Shift + G
Go to the top of the current page Shift + H
Go to the bottom of the current page Shift + L
Move backward through the jump list Ctrl + O
Move forward through the jump list Ctrl + I
Bisect forward and backward between the last two jump points Ctrl + J
Abort Esc
Adjust the window in best-fit or width mode A
Search for text /
Search for the next result N
Search for the previous result Shift + N
Open Document O
Follow links F
Display link target Shift + F
Enter command :
Rotate by 90 degrees R
Recolor Ctrl + R
Reload document Shift + R
Show index and switch to Index mode Tab
Toggle dual page view D
Switch to presentation mode F5
Switch to fullscreen mode F11
Toggle input bar Ctrl + M
Toggle status bar Ctrl + N
Zoom in +
Zoom out
Zoom to the original size =
Zoom in Z then I
Zoom out Z then O
Zoom to the original size Z then 0
Zoom to size n N then =
Set a checkmark to a letter or number X M then Shift + X
Goto quick mark saved at letter or number X ‘ then Shift + X
Quit Q

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Presentation Mode Shortcuts

Action Zathura Shortcut keys
Scroll a full-page Spacebar
Scroll down Shift + Spacebar
Scroll up Backspace
Abort Esc
Switch to normal mode F5

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Index Mode Shortcuts

Action Zathura Shortcut keys
Move to the upper or lower entry K
Expand entry J
Expand all entries L
Collapse entry H
Collapse all entries Shift + H
Select an open entry Spacebar



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