28 ProRealTime Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn ProRealTime Shortcuts for Windows

Most used ProRealTime Shortcuts

Action ProRealTime Shortcut keys
Save Ctrl + S
Quit Ctrl + Q
Close Active Window Esc
Reduce All Windows to System Tray Ctrl + H

Display Menu Shortcuts

Action ProRealTime Shortcut keys
Lists Ctrl + L
Advanced Search Ctrl + F
Top Movers 1 Ctrl + 1
Top Movers 2 Ctrl + 2
ProRealTrend Detection Ctrl + T
ProScreener Ctrl + E
Alerts Status Ctrl + A
Spreads Ctrl + R
Options and Futures Ctrl + K
Cursor Details Ctrl + D

Trading Shortcuts

Action ProRealTime Shortcuts
Portfolios Ctrl + P
Order List Ctrl + O
Pro Community Ctrl + I

Templates Shortcuts

Action ProRealTime Shortcuts
Save/Delete Ctrl + W
Personal Template 1 F1
Personal Template 2 F2
Personal Template 3 F3
Personal Template 12 F12

Charts Shortcuts

Action ProRealTime Shortcuts
Zoom In +
Zoom Out
Scroll Time Scales Arrow keys
Automatically Adjust Scale Enter
Display Comments Ctrl + U
Display Objects Ctrl + J


Here are some commonly asked questions about ProRealTime shortcuts:

How can I quickly switch between different markets in ProRealTime using shortcuts?

You can use the following shortcuts to switch between markets:

  • Ctrl + F1: Forex
  • Ctrl + F2: Indices
  • Ctrl + F3: Stocks
  • Ctrl + F4: Futures
  • Ctrl + F5: Commodities
  • Ctrl + F6: Bonds
  • Ctrl + F7: ETFs
  • Ctrl + F8: Crypto

How do I open the ProRealTime Strategy Editor using a shortcut?

Press F6 to open the Strategy Editor in ProRealTime.


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