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51 DBeaver Keyboard Shortcuts

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SQL Editor Shortcuts

Action DBeaver Shortcut keys
Execute current query (*) Ctrl + Enter
Execute the current query in a new tab Ctrl + \
Execute current script (**) Alt + X
Execute selected SQL expression and print results Ctrl + Alt + ‘
Explain the current query execution plan Ctrl + Shift + E
Execute queries of the current script simultaneously, showing results in separate tabs Ctrl + Alt + Shift + X
Switch active connection (for SQL script) Ctrl + 9
SQL completion proposals popup Ctrl + Spacebar
SQL template proposals popup Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar
Format current script (**) using the current formatter Ctrl + Shift + F
Toggle single-line comment Ctrl + /
Toggle multi-line comment Ctrl + Shift + /
Jump to the previous query Alt + Up Arrow key
Jump to the next query Alt + Down Arrow key
Maximize editor panels Ctrl + 6
Maximize results panels Alt + 6
Minimize editor/results panels Ctrl + Shift + 6
Switch editor/results panels Alt + 6
Convert selected text into uppercase Ctrl + Shift + X
Convert selected text into lowercase Ctrl + Shift + Y

Data Viewer Shortcuts

Action DBeaver Shortcuts
Switch to record/grid mode Tab
Switch presentation (grid, plain text, JSON, etc.) Ctrl + ~
Foreign keys navigation menu Ctrl + 1
Navigate to the link in the active cell Alt + Spacebar
Navigate backward in history Alt + Left Arrow key
Navigate forward in history Alt + Right Arrow key
Toggle sorting by the current column Ctrl + 2
Current column filters the menu F11
Current column filter dictionary panel Ctrl + F11
Toggle the right panels on F7
Toggle the right panels off Ctrl + 7
Refresh results (re-run query) F5

Data Editor Shortcuts

Action DBeaver Shortcut keys
Activate inline editor Enter
Open value editor dialog or separate value editor (for LOB values) Shift + Enter
Delete row Delete
Add new row Alt + Insert
Copy current row Ctrl + Alt + Insert
Cancel changes in the current cell/row Esc

Database Navigator Shortcuts

Action DBeaver Shortcut keys
Rename the current element (if supported) F2
Open the editor of the selected element(s) F4
Refresh selected element(s) F5
Delete selected element(s) (if supported) Delete
Add a bookmark on the selected element Ctrl + D
Show properties of the selected element Alt + Enter
Open SQL editor for current connection (***). Shows script selector popup F3
Open a new SQL editor for the current connection (***). Always creates a new script Ctrl + F3
Open the recent SQL editor for the current connection (***). Opens last modified script or creates a new script Ctrl + Enter

Other DBeaver Shortcuts

Action DBeaver Shortcut keys
Shows database tools context menu Alt + ~
Switch active schema/catalog (available if SQL/database editor is open) Ctrl + 0
Advanced copy. Works in different contexts and performs “smart copy” operation (usually with parameters) Ctrl + Shift + C
Advanced paste. Same as “smart copy” but for “paste” Ctrl + Shift + V



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