20 FiveM Keyboard Shortcuts

The Grand Theft Auto V modification known as FiveM enables multiplayer gameplay on specially designed dedicated servers. FiveM shortcuts have revolutionized player interactions within GTA V. Unlike traditional gameplay, FiveM isn’t bound by limitations and grants players the freedom to shape their virtual environments and scenarios. It has undeniably become a phenomenon within the gaming community.

Download FiveM Shortcuts PDF

The following list serves as a comprehensive guide to FiveM shortcuts. By following these shortcuts, you can easily control your in-game character. A downloadable PDF format of the FiveM shortcuts is also available for your convenience.

On foot & In-vehicle Shortcuts

Action FiveM Game Hotkeys
Vehicle key menu F1
Inventory F2
Job options F6
Toggle black immersion bars F9
Phone M
Hands up and cancel emote X
Lock your vehicle L
Open the voice chat N
toggle chat T
Adjust your voice to whisper/normal/shout ~ or –

On foot Shortcuts

Action FiveM Keybinds
Crouch Ctrl
Sell drugs to an NPG E
Open your trunk in a vehicle you purchased

In-Vehicle Shortcuts

Action FiveM Keybinds
Vehicle Extras menu F5
Speed limiter (cruise control) Ctrl
Toggle your seatbelt B
Operate the turn signals – or +

While FiveM has transformed the static gaming experience into a dynamic playground, some still seek alternatives. The top alternative to FiveM for multiplayer gaming is RAGE Multiplayer.



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