20 FiveM Shortcuts – FiveM keybinds

download fivem game keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet

List of FiveM Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn FiveM Game Shortcuts for Windows

Download FiveM Game Keyboard Shortcuts PDF

On foot & In-vehicle Shortcuts

Action FiveM Game Hotkeys
Vehicle key menu F1
Inventory F2
Job options F6
Toggle black immersion bars F9
Phone M
Hands up and cancel emote X
Lock your vehicle L
Open the voice chat N
toggle chat T
Adjust your voice to whisper/normal/shout ~ or –

On foot Shortcuts

Action FiveM Keybinds
Crouch Ctrl
Sell drugs to an NPG E
Open your trunk in a vehicle you purchased

In-Vehicle Shortcuts

Action FiveM Keybinds
Vehicle Extras menu F5
Speed limiter (cruise control) Ctrl
Toggle your seatbelt B
Operate the turn signals – or +


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