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12 VisualBoyAdvance-M Keyboard Shortcuts

VisualBoyAdvance-M is a free emulator focused on the Game Boy, Super Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance handheld gaming consoles by Nintendo. VisualBoyAdvance-M Shortcuts are an incredible find, making playing Game Boy Advance titles easy.

Download VisualBoyAdvance-M Shortcuts PDF

For beginners, using VisualBoyAdvance-M can be challenging. Therefore, this guide provides VisualBoyAdvance-M shortcut keys to enhance your gaming experience. Utilize these shortcuts to improve gameplay and have more fun. You can download the VisualBoyAdvance-M Shortcut keys in PDF format.

Most Used VisualBoyAdvance-M Shortcuts

Action VisualBoyAdvance-M Controls
Right Arrow Buttons Right Arrow key
Left Arrow Buttons Left Arrow key
Up Arrow Buttons Up Arrow key
Down Arrow Buttons Down Arrow key
Button A Z
Button B X
Button L A
Button R S
Start button Enter
Select button Backspace
Speed up Spacebar
Capture F12

VisualBoyAdvance-M is no longer recommended as the top emulator since the emergence of its alternative, VisualBoyAdvance-M. RetroArch and mGBA are also excellent options for Game Boy Advance emulation.



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