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Translation Editor Shortcuts

Action memoQ 10 Shortcuts
Add Comment Ctrl + M
Add Non-translatable Ctrl + O
Advanced find and replace Ctrl + F then Ctrl + F
AutoCorrect Ctrl + Shift + O
Close the Active Document (without opening another one) Ctrl + F4
Copy (copy text to the clipboard without cutting it) Ctrl + C
Confirm Ctrl + Enter
Confirm and Update Rows Ctrl + Shift + U
Confirm Without Update Ctrl + Shift + R
Copy Next Tag Sequence F9
Copy Selection To Target Ctrl + Shift + T
Copy Source To Target Ctrl + Shift + S
Cut Ctrl + X
Delete To End Of Segment Ctrl + Delete
Directly edit the resource entry highlighted in the Translation results pane Ctrl + Alt + Enter
Display All Hits/Display Filtered Hits Ctrl + Shift + D
Edit Source F2
Edit Warnings Ctrl + W
Filter for Selected Text / Clear Text Filter Ctrl + Shift + F
Find… (open the Quick Find window) Ctrl + F
Go to Next Ctrl + G
Go to Next Settings Ctrl + Shift + G
Insert Assembled Hit F4
Insert Current Hit Ctrl + Spacebar
Insert En Dash Ctrl + –
Insert Non-breaking Space Ctrl + Shift + E
Insert Symbol Ctrl + Shift + I
Join Segments Ctrl + J
Lock Special… (set the status of segments of the selected type to locked) Ctrl + Alt + L
Lock/Unlock Segments Ctrl + Shift + L
Lock/Unlock Several Segments At Once Ctrl + L
Look Up  Term (invoke the Look up term dialog) Ctrl + P
Mark selected text Ctrl + Shift + M
Move down in the Translation results pane Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Move up in the Translation results pane Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Move selected text left by one word Ctrl + Shift + B
Move selected text right by one word Ctrl + Shift + N
Navigate down Down Arrow key
Navigate down by one view Page Down key
Navigate through the open tabs Ctrl + Tab
Navigate up Up Arrow key
Navigate up in the Translation results pane Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Navigate up by one view Page Up key
Paste Ctrl + V
Redo Ctrl + Y
Reject Shift + Enter
Replace…(opens Quick Find with the replace options) Ctrl + H
Revert To the Earlier Version Ctrl + Shift + E
Scan Segment F3
Search For Selection Fragment F6
Search Fragment From Cursor F5
Select All Text Ctrl + A
Select All Segments (both on the source and the target side) Ctrl + Shift + A
Show the translation editor in the classic layout Ctrl + Alt + 1
Show the translation editor with the Translation results pane on top Ctrl + Alt + 2
Spelling (invoke the Spelling dialog) F7
Split Segment Ctrl + T
Switch from the source side to the target side and vice versa Tab
Switch To the Next Layout F11
Toggle Text Marking Mode Ctrl + Shift + M
Undo Ctrl + Z
Unlock Special…(unlock segments of the selected types) Ctrl + Alt + U
View/Edit Current Hit Ctrl + Alt + Enter

Formatting Shortcuts

Action memoQ 10 Shortcut keys
Arrange Tags Alt + F6
Bold text Ctrl + B
Edit Source F2
Insert tag F9
Edit Inline Tag Ctrl + F9
Format subscript Ctrl + Shift + –
Format superscript Ctrl + –
Insert All Tags Alt + F8
Italics Ctrl + I
Remove All Tags Ctrl + F8
Tag Insertion F6
Toggle Case Shift + F3
Underline Ctrl + U

Resolve errors and warnings Shortcuts

Action memoQ 10 Shortcuts
Move To the Previous Item Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Move To the Next Item Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Ignore And Move To the Next Ctrl + Spacebar
Apply automatic corrections Ctrl + Shift + E
Ignore All Warnings Of This Kind Ctrl + Shift + I
Refresh Data Ctrl + Shift + R

Find & Replace Shortcuts

Action memoQ 10 Shortcuts
Find text Ctrl + F
Replace text Ctrl + H
Move To the Previous Item Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Move To the Next Item Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Replace Ctrl + Spacebar

Termbase editor Shortcuts

Action memoQ 10 Shortcuts
Add Term Ctrl + A
Create Term Base Entry Ctrl + E
Quick Create Term Base Entry Ctrl + Q
Delete Selected TB Entries Ctrl + D
New TB Entry Ctrl + N
Merge/Commit Current Ctrl + Enter
Merge/Commit All Ctrl + Alt + Enter
Mark As Master Ctrl + Spacebar
Mark For Merge Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar
Mark For Deletion Ctrl + Shift + D
Mark To Skip Ctrl + Shift + S

Term Extractor Shortcuts

Action memoQ 10 Shortcuts
Accept As Term Ctrl + Enter
Drop Term Ctrl + D
Select All Rows Ctrl + Shift + A
Toggle Hits And Term Base Ctrl + G
Merge Candidates Ctrl + J
Unmerge Candidate Ctrl + T
Prefix Merge & Hide Ctrl + M
Hide/Unhide Shorter Ctrl + L
Add As Stopword Ctrl + W
Look Up Terms Now F3
Select All Text Ctrl + A

Translation Memory Editor Shortcuts

Action memoQ 10 Shortcuts
New TM Entry Ctrl + N
Delete Selected TM Entries Ctrl + D
Filter for Selected Text / Clear Text Filter Ctrl + Shift + F
Flag TM Entry Ctrl + M
Jump to Next Flagged Ctrl + G
Merge current Ctrl + Enter
Merge selection Ctrl + Shift + R
Mark as master Ctrl + Spacebar
Mark for merge Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar
Mark for deletion Ctrl + Shift + D
Mark to skip Ctrl + Shift + S
Save Changes Ctrl + S


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