50 Adobe Animate Shortcut keys for Mac

download adobe animate shortcut keys pdf

With Adobe Animate shortcut keys, you can create content like animated cartoons, advertisements, games, publications, etc. Earlier it was Adobe Flash that was used to help animators to carry out the said work.

Download adobe animate shortcut keys pdf

Adobe Animate has a lot of handy and powerful shortcuts. Learning Animate shortcut keys will help you to save time by selecting commands rather than looking from the menus and also lets you stay focused on your work.

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File Shortcuts

Action Adobe Animate Shortcuts Mac PDF
Import Image & Sound etc. Command + R
Export to .swf & .gif etc. Command + Shift + R
Open as Library Command + Shift + O

Edit Modify Shortcuts

Action Animate Shortcut keys Mac PDF
Group Command + G
Ungroup Command + U
Break Apart Command + B
Paste in Place Command + Shift + V
Duplicate Command + D
Select All Command + A
Deselect All Command + Shift + A
Align Window Command + K
Scale and Rotate Command + Shift + S
Remove Transform Command + Shift + Z
Move Ahead Command + Up Arrow
Move Behind Command + Down Arrow
Bring to Front Command + Shift + Up Arrow
Send to Back Command + Shift + Down Arrow
Modify font Command + T
Modify paragraph Command + Shift + T
Narrower letterspacing Command + Left Arrow
Wider Letterspacing Command + Right Arrow

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View Shortcuts

Action Adobe Animate Shortcuts Mac
Full-size view Command + 1
Show frame Command + 2
Show all Command + 3

Windows Shortcuts

Action Adobe Animate Shortcuts Mac
Modify Movie Properties Command + M
Show/Hide Libraries Command + L
Toggle between Edit Movie Command + E
Show/Hide Work Area Command + Shift + L
Show/Hide Timeline Command + Shift + W

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Others Shortcuts

Action Adobe Animate Shortcuts Mac PDF
Show a smaller area of the drawing with more detail Command + =
Show a larger area of the drawing with less detail Command + +
Show or hide the Align panel Command + K
Add Component Widgets Command + 3
Show or hide the History panel Command + T
Show or change the properties and position of the selected object Command + I
Show or hide the Library panel for this document Command + L
Show or hide the Property Inspector Command + 9
Select colors from swatches and manage swatches Command + 5
Show or hide the drawing toolbar Command + 8
Scale and/or rotate the selection using numeric values Command + T
Auto formats the editor code Command + Shift + F
Show hidden characters Command + Shift + 8
Suppresses highlighting of selected items Command + Shift + E
Show or hide the rulers Command + Shift + Option + R
Show Frame Script Navigator Command + Option + [
Show or hide the tweening shape hints Command + Option + ]
Show or hide the Color panel Command + Shift + 5
Show or hide the Compiler Errors panel Command + Option + 8
Rotate the selection to 90 degrees left Command + Shift + 7

In order to achieve greatness in animation, there is no need to try out complex things. Just frame your designs by using animate shortcut keys to make processing a lot easier. You can also have a look at Blender Shortcuts which can be a good alternative to Adobe Animate.



What does f4 do in Animate?

In order to hide and display panels and property inspector, we use the F4 shortcut key in Animate.

What does f5 do in Animate?

The F5 shortcut key in Animate lets you expand or insert the frame.

What is the shortcut key to run animation in Flash?

To run animation in Flash, press the shortcut Ctrl + Enter on the keyboard.

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