22 Kaspersky Internet Security Keyboard Shortcuts

List of Kaspersky Internet Security Shortcuts

Learn Kaspersky Internet Security Shortcuts for Windows

Most Used Kaspersky Internet Security Shortcuts

Action Kaspersky Internet Security Shortcuts
Open on-screen keyboard Ctrl + Alt + Shift + P
Switch to English language Shift + F12
Switch back to the previous language Shift + F5

Kaspersky Password Manager Shortcuts

Action Kaspersky Internet Security Shortcuts
Delete selected data Delete
Delete selected characters or strings Delete
Delete the next characters Delete
Move up in the list of data Up Arrow Key
Move down in the list of data Down Arrow key
Select a button in the view Left & Right Arrow key
Edit identity name F2
Run a search F3
Select all text Ctrl + A
Copy selected data to the clipboard Ctrl + C
Cut selected data and copy it to the clipboard Ctrl + X
Paste data from the clipboard Ctrl + V
Save changes made to data Ctrl + S
Select multiple adjacent identities Shift + Left Mouse Click
Select multiple nonadjacent identities Ctrl + Left Mouse Click
Open help from the application window F1
If a button is selected, press a button Enter
Cancel unsaved changes and exit editor mode Esc
Add to Favorites Ctrl + D



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