17 Apple Contacts Keyboard Shortcuts

for MacOS

Download Apple Contacts Shortcuts PDF

Learn Apple Contacts Shortcut Keys for Mac

Most used Apple Contacts Shortcuts

Action Apple Contacts Shortcut keys
Open Contacts Preferences Command + ,
Create A Card for New Contact Command + N
Create a New Group/Folder Command + Shift + N
Create a New Smart Group Command + Option + N
Import Contacts Command + O
Print Contacts Command + P
Edit Current Contacts Command + L
Save Changes in Contacts Command + S
Show/Hide Contacts Command + 1
View a list and a card Command + 2
Go to Next Card Command + ]
Go to Previous Card Command + [
Show/Hide Last Import Command + Option + L
Merge/Link Selected Cards Command + Shift + L
Open A Card in a New Window Command + I
Choose A Custom Image for A Contact Command + Option + I
Make A Card as A Company or A Person Command + \


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