9 Best Lumbar Support Back Cushion in India

Ways to relieve back pain from sitting all day

Wondering why Lumbar Support Back Cushion has become so important on our day-to-day basis? Owing to the current sedentary lifestyle improper posture or sitting for long creates pressure on the spine.

Taking into consideration the current scenario, working hours have increased due to work from the Home culture which has led to lifestyle and work-life change. This is where the Lumbar Support Back Cushion role comes into play.

Back pain is common among teens & youngsters too due to lack of exercise, unhealthy eating habits. Depression and anxiety are also some of the reasons that lead to a greater risk of Back pain. The most common reasons are excess body weight and improper Posture which leads to excess pressure on the back and leads to pain.


Lumbar Support Orthopaedic Back Cushions and Pillows help to support the lower part of the person’s back during sleep and while sitting. Lumbar support back cushions include support given to office chairs, belts, and mattresses.

Lumbar support cushions are made of memory foam which is light and portable. Lumbar support cushions are ergonomically designed to give support to the spine, relieving pressure on the spine, muscles and joints. It helps to improve a user’s posture by maintaining a normal S-like curve in your spine.

Benefits and their uses:

  • Lumbar support pillow can be placed vertically in the chair while sitting for a long time in an office or movie theatre.
  • It can be used in cars especially during long trips. Trips can be made comfortable using Lumbar support back cushions.
  • Lumbar back support cushions can be used when sleeping, you can lie on the back when sleeping for best lumbar support.

Types of Lumbar support back cushion:

  • Memory foam back cushion
  • Premium support memory foam lumbar support pillow
  • Orthopaedic memory foam pillow
  • Demo-med A back lumbar pillow
  • Self-inflating travel pad lumbar support pillow

What to look for when buying a lumbar support back cushion?

  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Eco-friendly certification
  • Sustainability
  • Price
  • Type of support
  • Customer reviews

Here is the list of 9 best Orthopaedic recommended Lumbar support back cushions:

You should consider the above factors before purchasing a lumbar support back cushion.

1. Fovera–Comfy Healthy Life:

FOVERA presents a wide range of pillows & cushions which are ergonomically designed to promote proper sitting posture. They provide all-day support and comfort as they are well designed to help people alleviate unwanted pressure caused by prolonged sitting at home or at work.

FOVERA Orthopedic Lumbar Support Memory Foam Cushion

Key features and benefits:

  • Relieves back pain.
  • Improves posture, superior comfort & helps in improving blood circulation at the back.
  • Ergonomically designed and can be ideally used for office chairs, home chairs, and wheelchairs.

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2. Health sense soft-spot BC21 orthopaedic backrest cushion with memory foam:

This cushion is one of the best backrests for office chairs. It is used for relieving shoulder pain, back pain, and neck pain. It is less maintenance and high on quality.

Health sense soft-spot BC21 orthopaedic backrest cushion with memory foam

Key Features and benefits:

  • Supports upper back, mid and lower back, and waist.
  • High on comfort as it’s ergonomically designed.
  • 8 therapeutic magnets for better blood circulation.
  • High-density memory foam.
  • 3D mesh washable fabric cover.
  • Adjustable straps

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3. Orthowala executive lumbar support for chair:

It’s an affordable cushion that is ergonomically designed which gives soft as well as firm support to your back. It is available in various colours. It relieves back pain and fatigue.

Orthowala executive lumbar support

Key Features and benefits:

  • It is highly recommended by therapists and chiropractors as it removes fatigue and back pain and improves posture.
  • It is made up of medical graded moulded polyurethane foam
  • The fabric is washable, removable, and breathable.
  • It is easy to clean and hence less maintenance.
  • It’s a full-size-length spine-correct back support. The support extends from the base of the spine up to the lower midpoint of the back.

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4. Grin health Sit Right Pro orthopaedic backrest lumbar support cushion:

Grin health lumbar support back cushions are ideal lumbar support for driving, office, and home use, which fits any seat, because of its design and comfort. It consists of premium high-density memory foam with breathable mesh to give maximum comfort and free from irritation. It is quite expensive.

Grin health Sit Right Pro orthopaedic backrest lumbar support cushion

Key Features and benefits:

  • High-quality memory foam that is 100% pure with zero additives.
  • It adapts quickly to waist structure as its adjustable support pillow.
  • It has a soft fabric cover with modified anti-sweat fabric.
  • It’s certified for its durability and performance.

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5. The white willow orthopaedic sit right memory foam lumbar backrest for back support:

This backrest gives resilient support to your lower, middle, and upper back areas. It aligns perfectly with the shape of the back and spine. It is developed using German technology by BASF, which is safe and eco-friendly. Pregnant mothers and postoperative patients find it comfortable as the backrest absorbs the body weight and relieves stress from pressure points.

The white willow orthopaedic sit right memory foam lumbar backrest for back support

Key Features and benefits:

  • This memory foam pillow improves posture and corrects the alignment of the Spine during prolonged sitting.
  • It relieves pain from backaches, arthritis, herniated disks, sore backs, pain relievers for expectant mothers, and those recovering from surgeries or back injuries.
  • Its adjustable straps at the back help it from falling off or shifting and keep it intact on the chair.
  • Made with eco-friendly and safe material and is certified.
  • It’s easy to maintain and comes with a warranty.

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6. Obliq Memory Foam Lumbar Support Backrest Pillow For Office Chairs & Cars:

Obliq Lumbar Support Pillow has a triple-layer design that helps for utmost comfort for all types of pain (mild, moderate, or severe back pain). It has a layer of gel on the top of the memory foam that helps it from overheating your lower and mid-back.

It reduces discomfort as its ergonomic design encourages proper blood circulation. It’s easy to install and is easy to carry and goes wherever you go. It can be fixed to any chair with its simple adjustable strap.

obliq Memory Foam Orthopaedic Lumbar Support Backrest Pillow For Office Chairs & Cars

Key Features and benefits:

  • It is wedge-shaped.
  • It has 3 materials due to which foam won’t flatten even after a long time of use and thus retains its shape.
  • It is specially designed to fit the curve of your lower back, which helps to strain off the pressure from the lower back and reduce the pain.
  • It has an adjustable one clip belt which makes it easy to install on many types of chairs.
  • It’s a portable pillow as it’s lightweight and can be carried easily during travel or at the office.
  • It also fits in a wheelchair.

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7. Back good sit plus orthopaedic backrest support cushion:

Back good sit plus lumbar support cushion instantly corrects the posture hence helps in reducing back and neck pain caused by prolonged sitting. It helps to maintain the S –shape curve of your spine as it’s ergonomically designed and adapts to most sitting chairs. It reduces the risk of a herniated disc and acute low back pain.

It helps to relieve neck, back, and spine strain as it has 3-way support.

Back Good Sit Plus Orthopedic Back Rest Support Cushion For Office Chair

Key Features and benefits:

  • It has premium quality foam.
  • It’s durable and can easily fit any chair.
  • It’s portable, easy to carry.
  • It’s compact and lightweight and can carry with its handle.

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8. Wakefit back support cushion:

It has moulded memory foam which is perfect for contouring and supporting your back. The fabric feel is soft and velvety. It has an external cover with a zipper for hygiene. As its usage impacts the posture and spinal structure hence ensuring the quality of sleep.

Wakefit back support cushions are designed with the finest hollow fibres that make it breathable by the constant flow of air between the layers.

Wakefit Memory Foam Back Support Chair Cushion

Key Features and benefits:

  • Designed for both cars and office chairs.
  • Easy to remove and use.
  • Provide support and improve the posture of the spine especially when you sit for long hours.
  • It comes with a strap that secures it firmly in place.
  • Moulded memory foam for ultimate support and comfort.
  • Easily portable.

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9. Pharmeasy orthopaedic back support cushion:

This lumbar support back cushion aligns your spine. It helps in maintaining good posture by elevating the comfort level. The memory foam adds more comfort to the cushion.

pharmEasy Back Support Cushion

Key Features and benefits:

  • It has top-grade anti-flattering memory foam that draws heat from your body and moulds itself according to your shape.
  • The adjustable strap helps to position the lumbar support back cushion according to your requirements.
  • The backrest stays dry and comfortable to your skin as its outer mesh is sweat absorbent.

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To help ease your low, mid and upper back pain it is important to buy a good Lumbar Support Back Cushion. Anyone who has to sit in a chair or travel for long hours can benefit from using these above-mentioned lumbar support back cushions.

They are designed to offer you optimum support to the back, neck, and shoulder and improve your posture and reduce the pain. There is a variety of good-quality Lumbar support back cushions available.



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