69 Adobe InDesign Shortcuts for Mac User

Learning all the Adobe InDesign Shortcuts will allow you to work more in less time. You can save a few seconds, allowing you to concentrate on work instead of juggling with a mouse and shortcuts both. By using these handy Adobe InDesign Shortcuts, speed up your workflow which is very much essential. Download the Adobe InDesign for Mac Devices.

Learn 69 Adobe InDesign Shortcuts for Mac Users

The below shortcuts are grouped into Formatting shortcuts, File shortcuts, Edit shortcuts, Layout shortcuts, Object shortcuts, View shortcuts, Panel shortcuts, etc.

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Formatting Shortcuts

Action Adobe InDesign Shortcuts
Increase font size Command + Shift + >
Decrease font size Command + Shift + <
Flush left Command + Shift + L
Flush Right Command + Shift + R
Center Command + Shift + C
Justify Command + Shift + J
Bold Command + Shift + B
Italic Command + Shift + I
Underline Command + Shift + U

File Menu Shortcuts

Action InDesign Shortcuts Mac
New file Command + N
Open file Command + O
Close window Command + W
Open in bridge Command + Option + O
Place Command + D
Save Command + S
Save as Command + Shift + S
Print Command + P
Page Setup Command + Option + P
Package Command + Shift + Option + P
Quit Application Command + Q
Export Command + E

Edit Menu Shortcuts

Action InDesign Shortcuts Mac
Undo Command + Z
Redo Command + Shift + Z
Cut Command + X
Copy Command + C
Paste Command + V
Paste without Formatting Command + Shift + V
Select all Command + A
Deselect all Command + Shift + A
Find/change Ctrl + F
Check spelling Command + I
Paste in place Command + Shift + Option + V
Paste info Command + Option + V
Duplicate Command + Shift + Option + D
Edit in story editor Command + Y
Check out Command + F9
Check in Command + Shift + F9
Update content Command + F5
Quick apply Command + Return

Layout Menu Shortcuts

Action InDesign Shortcuts Mac
Go to page Command + J
Add page Command + Shift + P
Previous spread Option + Page Up
Next spread Option + Page Down

Object Menu Shortcuts

Action Mac InDesign Shortcuts
Transform again Command + Option + 4
Group Command + G
UnGroup Command + Shift + G
Compound path Command + 8
Drop shadow Command + Option + M
Center content Command + Shift + E
Fill frame proportionally Command + Shift + Option + C
Bring to front Command + Shift + [
Send to Back Command + Shift + ]
Text frame options Command + B

View Menu Shortcuts

Action Mac InDesign Shortcuts
Smart Guides Command + U
Guides Command + ;
High Quality Display Command + Option + H
Text Threads Command + Option + Y
Frame edges Command + H
Rulers Command + R
Actual size Command + 1
200% size Command + 2
400% size Command + 4
50% size Command + 5

Panels Shortcuts

Action Mac InDesign Shortcuts
Swatches F5
Layers F7
Stroke F10
Paragraph styles F11
Character styles Shift + F11
Text wrap Command + Option + W

Download Adobe InDesign Shortcuts in PDF for Mac Users

Download Adobe InDesign Shortcuts PDF Mac

Download Adobe InDesign Shortcuts in Excel for Mac Users

Download InDesign Shortcuts Excel Mac

Above were dozens of time-saving Adobe InDesign shortcuts for Mac users. You can try using InDesign with other Adobe programs. InDesign works much better when used along with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.



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