200 Adobe Photoshop Shortcut keys Mac

Designers and artists use Photoshop Shortcut keys to speed up their workflow and save time. With the below list of Photoshop shortcuts, you can use tools from the toolbar, add effects on objects, create artworks, change the layer, change the colour, etc. Install Adobe Photoshop for Mac.

List of Photoshop Shortcuts

The below Photoshop Shortcut keys will act as a cherry on the top while working on Photoshop. Let’s see which Photoshop shortcut keys will benefit you more. Download Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts for Mac users in PDF form.

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Photoshop Shortcuts on Menu

Action Photoshop Shortcut keys
File Menu Option + F
Edit Menu Option + E
Image Menu Option + I
Layer Menu Option + L
Select Menu Option + S
Filter Menu Option + T
3D Menu Option + D
Window Menu Option + W
Preferences Command + K
Show Keyboard Shortcuts Menu Command + Option + Shift + K

Photoshop Shortcuts on File Menu

Action Photoshop Shortcuts
New File Command + N
Open File Command + O
Open/Browse in CC Bridge Command + Option + O
Open/Browse in Bridge Command + Option + Shift + O
Close Command + W
Close all Command + Option + W
Save Command + S
Save As Command + Option + S
Revert to last saved state F12
Export as Command + Option + Shift + W
Save for Web Command + Option + Shift + S
File Info Command + Option + Shift + I
Print Command + P
Print one copy Option + Shift + Command + P
Quit Photoshop Command + Q

Photoshp Shortcuts on Edit Menu

Action Photoshop Shortcuts
Toggle Undo one step forwards or backward only Command + Z
Undo Command + Option + Z
Redo Command + Shift + Z
Fade Shift + Command + F
Copy Merged Shift + Command + C
Paste in Place Shift + Command + V
Paste Into Option + Shift + Command + V
Fill Shift + F5
Content Aware Scale Option + Shift + Command + C
Free Transform Command + T
Transform again Shift + Command + T
Color Settings Shift + Command + K

Photoshp Shortcuts on Image Menu

Action Photoshop Shortcut keys
Adjust Levels Command + L
Adjust Curves Command + M
Adjust Hue or Saturation Command + U
Adjust Color Balance Command + B
Adjust to Black and White Option + Shift + Command + B

Photoshop Shortcuts on Layers Menu

Action Photoshop Shortcut keys
New Layers Shift + Command + N
Layer via Copy Crl + J
Layer via Cut Shift + Command + J
Create or Release Clipping Mark Command + Option + G
Group Layers Command + G
Ungroup Layers Shift + Command + G
Hide Layers Command + ,
Bring Forwards Command + ]
Bring Backwards Command + [
Bring to Front Shift + Command + ]
Bring to Back Shift + Command + [
Lock Layers Command + /
Merge Layers Command + E
Merge Visible Command + Shift + E

Photoshop Shorcut keys on Select Menu

Action Photoshop Shortcut keys
Select all Command + A
Deselect Command + D
Reselect Shift + Command + D
Inverse selection Shift + Command + I
Select All Layers Command + Option + A
Find Layers Option + Shift + Command + F
Refine Mask Command + Option + R
Feather Shift + F6

Photoshop Shorcut keys on Filter Menu

Action Photoshop Shortcut keys
Last Filter Command + F
Adaptive Wide Angle Command + Option + Shift + A
Camera Raw Filter Shift + Command + A
Lens Correction Shift + Command + R
Liquify Shift + Command + X
Vanishing Point Command + Option + V

Photoshop Shorcut keys on 3D Menu

Action Photoshop Shortcut keys
Show or Hide Polygons Command + Option + X
Reveal all Option + Shift + Command + X
Render 3D Layer Option + Shift + Command + R

Photoshop Shorcut keys on Windows Menu

Action Photoshop Shortcut keys
Design Space Preview Command + Option + ‘
Toggle Brush Window F5
Toggle Color Window F6
Toggle Layers Window F7
Toggle Info Window F8
Toggle Actions Window F9

Photoshop Shortcut keys on Selecting Tools

Action Photoshop Shortcut keys
Hand Tool Shift + H
Move Tool Shift + V
Marquee Tool Shift + M
Lasso Tool Shift + L
Magic Wand and Quick Selection Tool Shift + W
Crop and Slice Tools Shift + C
Eyedropper, Color Sampler, Ruler Shift + I
Spot Healing Brush, Patch, and Red Eye Tool Shift + J
Brush, Pencil, Color Replacement Shift + B
Clone Stamp tool Shift + S
History Brush tool Shift + Y
Eraser tool Shift + E
Gradient tool Shift + G
Dodge tool Shift + O
Pen tool Shift + P
Type tool Shift + T
Path Selection tool Shift + A
Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Line Tool Shift + U
3D Object Tools Shift + K
3D Camera Tools Shift + N
Rotate View tool Shift + R
Zoom tool Shift + Z

Photoshop Shortcut keys on Liquify Window

Action Photoshop Shortcut keys
Open Liquify Window Shift + Command + X
Forward Warp tool W
Reconstruct tool R
Twirl Clockwise tool C
Pucker tool S
Bloat tool B
Push Left tool O
Mirror tool M
Turbulence tool T
Freeze Mask tool F
Thaw Mask tool D

Photoshop Shortcut keys on Manage views

Action Photoshop Shortcut keys
Cycle forwards through open documents Command + Tab
Cycle backward through open documents Command + Shift + Tab
Toggle Fullscreen Modes forward F
Toggle Fullscreen Modes backward Shift + F
Zoom IN Command + [
Zoom OUT Command + ]
Zoom to fit the screen Command + O
Zoom to 100% Command + 1
Show or Hide Grid Command + ‘
Show or Hide Guides Command + ;
Show or Hide Rulers Command + R
Temporarily Switch to Hand Tool Spacebar
Scroll up in small increments Shift + Page Up
Scroll down in small increments Shift + Page Down
Scroll up one screen Page Up
Scroll down one screen Page Down
Scroll to the upper-left corner Home
Scroll to the lower-right corner End
Toggle Snap Command + Shift + ;
Lock Guides Command + Option + ;
Proof Colors Command + Y
Gamut Warning Shift + Command + Y
Toggle Quick Mask Mode Q
Extras Command + H
Show Target Path Shift + Command + H

Photoshop Shortcuts on Refine Edge dialogue box

Action Photoshop Shortcut keys Mac
Open Refine Edge Dialog Box Command + Option + R
Cycle Forwards through preview modes F
Cycle Backwards through preview modes Shift + F
Toggle between original image and selection preview X
Toggle between original selection and refined version P
Toggle radius preview on and off J

Photoshop Shortcuts on Blending Modes

Action Photoshop Shortcut keys Mac
Cycle through blending modes Shif + [ + ]
Normal Shift + Option + N
Dissolve Shift + Option + I
Behind (Brush tool only) Shift + Option + Q
Clear (Brush tool only) Shift + Option + R
Darken Shift + Option + K
Multiply Shift + Option + M
Color Burn Shift + Option + B
Linear Burn Shift + Option + A
Lighten Shift + Option + G
Screen Shift + Option + S
Color Dodge Shift + Option + D
Linear Dodge Shift + Option + W
Overlay Shift + Option + O
Soft Light Shift + Option + F
Hard Light Shift + Option + H
Vivid Light Shift + Option + V
Linear Light Shift + Option + J
Pin Light Shift + Option + Z
Hard Mix Shift + Option + L
Difference Shift + Option + E
Exclusion Shift + Option + X
Hue Shift + Option + U
Saturation Shift + Option + T
Color Shift + Option + C
Luminosity Shift + Option + Y

Photoshop Shortcuts on Format Text Type

Action Photoshop Shortcut keys Mac
Align left Command + Shift + L
Align Center Command + Shift + C
Align Right Command + Shift + R
Choose 100% horizontal scale Command + Shift + X
Choose 100% vertical scale Command + Option + Shift + X
Choose Auto leading Command + Option + Shift + A
Choose 0 for tracking Command + Shift + Q
Justify paragraph, left aligns last line Command + Shift + J
Justify paragraph, justifies all Command + Shift + F
Toggle paragraph hyphenation Command + Option + Shift + H
Toggle single/every-line composer Command + Option + Shift + T
Decrease Type Size by 2 points or pixels Command + Shift + <
Increase Type Size by 2 points or pixels Command + Shift + >
Decrease leading 2 points or pixels Option + Down Arrow key
Increase leading 2 points or pixels Option + Up Arrow key
Decrease Baseline Shift 2 points or pixels Shift + Option + Down Arrow key
Increase Baseline Shift 2 points or pixels Shift + Option + Up Arrow key

Transform Selections, Borders and Paths

Action Photoshop Shortcut keys Mac
Transform from center or reflect Option
Constrain Shift
Distort Command
Apply Enter
Cancel Esc
Free transform with duplicate data Command + Option + T
Transform again with duplicate data Command + Option + Shift + T

Black & White dialog box

Action Photoshop Shortcut keys Mac
Open Black & White Dialog Box Shift + Command + Option + B
Jump to next slider Tab
Jump to previous slider Shift + Tab
Increase selected value by 10% Shift + Up Arrow key
Decrease selected value by 10% Shift + Down Arrow key
Increase selected value by 1% Up Arrow key
Decrease selected value by 1% Down Arrow key

Download Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts PDF Format

Download Photoshop Shortcut keys PDF Mac

Download Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts in Excel Format

Download Photoshop Shortcut keys Excel Mac

Above you saw a guide to Photoshop Shortcuts. Not all of these Photoshop shortcut keys are used by all, but some important ones are. Using the Photoshop hotkeys is considered the smartest way in working with Photoshop. Do you wish to check on CorelDraw Shortcut keys?



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