101 Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

Download premiere pro shortcuts (mac pdf)

An easy way to master Premiere Pro, a powerful and rich feature software is to learn the Premiere Pro Shortcuts. Time is money so the faster you cut a video the faster you get paid and the faster you move to your next gig.

Download premiere pro shortcut keys pdf

The below list of Premiere Pro shortcut keys will make a difference to your workflow and save time.

Most used Premiere Pro Shortcuts

Action Premiere Pro Shortcuts Mac
New Project Command + Shift + N
Save Project Command + S
Save As Command + Shift + S
Save Copy Command + Option + S
Close Command + W
Title Command +T
Open Existing Project Command + O
Open in Adobe bridge Command + Option + O
Sequence Command + N
Exit Command + Q
Import Command + I
Import from the media browser Command + Option + I
Media Command + M
Find Command + F
Selection Command + Shift + H
Copy Command + C
Cut Command + X
Paste Command + V
Undo Command + Z
Redo Command + Y
Select All Command + A
Deselect All Command + Shift + A
Edit Command + E
Paste Insert Command + Shift + V
Paste Attributes Command + Option + V
Clear Delete
Delete forever Shift + Delete
Duplicate Command + Shift + /

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Window Shortcuts

Action Premiere Pro Shortcuts Mac
Project Shift + 1
Source Monitor Shift + 2
Timeline Shif + 3
Program monitor Shift + 4
Effect control Shift + 5
Audio track mixer Shift + 6
Effects Shift + 7
Media browser Shift + 8
Audio clip mixer Shift + 9
Cut to camera Command + 1..9
Clear poster frame Command + Shift + P
Export frame Command + Shift + E
Select Camera 1..9

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Tools Shortcuts

Action Premiere Pro Shortcuts Mac
Track select tool A
Ripple edit tool B
Razor tool C
Hand tool H
Rolling edit tool N
Pen tool P
Slide tool U
Selection tool V
Slip tool Y
Zoom tool Z

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Clipping Shortcuts

Action Premiere Pro Shortcuts Mac
Link Command + L
Group Command + G
Ungroup Command + Shift + G
Speed Command + R
Capture F5
Insert ,
Overwrite .
Add edit Command + K
Add edit to track Command + Shift + K
Video transition Command + D
Audio Transition Command + Shift + D
Reverse match frame Shift + R
Zoom in +
Zoom out
Snap S
Go to the selected clip and start Shift + Home
Go to the selected clip end Shift + End
Minimize all tracks Shift + –

Marker Operation Shortcuts

Action Premiere Pro Shortcuts Mac
Mark in I
Mark out O
Mark clip X
Mark selection /
Go to in Shift + I
Go to out Shift + O
Clear in Command + Shift + I
Clear out Command + Shift + O
Add marker M
Previous marker Command + Shift + M
Next marker Shift + M
Clear current marker Command + Option + M
Left align Command + Shift + L
Center align Command + Shift + C
Right align Command + Shift + R
Stopping tab Command + Shift + T
Templates Command + J

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Panel Shortcuts

Action Premiere Pro Shortcut keys mac PDF
Record video V
Record Audio A
Eject E
Fast forward F
Go to in point Q
Go to out point W
Rewind R
Record G
Stop S
Step back Left Arrow key
Step forward Right Arrow key
Remove effects or delete an item Backspace
Play Spacebar
Record on or off 0
Next Down Arrow key
Previous Up Arrow key

The above list has tons of Premiere Pro shortcut keys, but believe me, that will bring consistency to your editing skills. Also, you will be surprised by how little time you are spending digging through the menus. DaVinci Resolve software is one of the alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro. Check out DaVinci Resolve shortcuts.



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