69 Adobe Acrobat Pro Shortcuts for Windows user

Who does not love shortcuts? Everybody does right. Adobe Acrobat Pro shortcuts will let you convert any scanned documents, or any PDF documents, or any image documents into an editable document. Download and install Adobe Acrobat Pro on a Windows device by clicking here.

List of Adobe Acrobat Pro Shortcuts

According to the research, a lot of people use Adobe Acrobat Pro shortcuts while working in it. These Acrobat Pro shortcuts are specially implemented to improve workflow, be more efficient, and lead to overall growth and productivity of the users.

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Tools Shortcuts

Action Acrobat Pro Shortcuts
Hand Tool H
Temporarily select the Hand tool Spacebar
Select tool V
Marquee Zoom tool Z
Temporarily select Zoom In tool Ctrl + Spacebar
Select Object tool R
Edit Object tool O
Enter/Exit Forms editing A
Crop tool C
Link tool L
Text field tool F
3D tool M
Edit Document Text tool T
Redaction Shift + Y
JavaScript Debugger Ctrl + J
Insert Blank Pages tool Shift + Ctrl + T
Insert Files Ctrl + Shift + I
Delete Pages Ctrl + Shift + D
Open Output Preview ~

Accessibility Shortcuts

Action Acrobat Shortcuts
Change reading settings for the current document Shift + Ctrl + 5
Reflow a tagged PDF Ctrl + 4
Activate and deactivate Read Out Loud Shift + Ctrl + Y
Read-only the current page out loud Shift + Ctrl + V
Readout loud from the current page to the end of the document Shift + Ctrl + B
Pause reading out loud Shift + Ctrl + C
Stop reading out loud Shift + Ctrl + E

Comments Shortcuts

Action Acrobat Shortcuts
Sticky Note tool S
Text Edits tool E
Stamp tool K
Current highlighting tool U
Current drawing markup tool D
Cloud tool Q
Text Box tool X
Current Stamp or Attach tool J

Navigation Shortcuts

Action Acrobat Shortcuts
Previous Screen Page Up
Next screen Page Down
First page Home
Last page End
Previous page Arrow left key
Next page Arrow Right key
Previous open document Ctrl + F6
Next open document Shift + Ctrl + F6
Scroll up Arrow Up key
Scroll down Arrow Down key
Zoom in Ctrl + +
Zoom out Ctrl + –

Help Window Navigation Shortcuts

Action Acrobat Shortcuts
Open Help window F1
Close Help window Ctrl + W
Move back to the previously opened topic Alt + Arrow left key
Move forward to the next topic Alt + Arrow Right key
Move to the next pane Ctrl + Tab
Move to the previous pane Shift + Ctrl + Tab
Move focus to the next link within a pane Tab
Move focus to the previous link within a pane Shift + Tab
Activate highlighted link Enter
Print Help topic Ctrl + P

Navigation Panels Shortcuts

Action Acrobat Shortcuts
Open and move focus to the navigation pane Ctrl + Shift + F5
Move focus among the document, message bar F6
Move focus to the previous pane or panel Shift + F6
Move among the elements of the active navigation panel Tab
Move to the previous or next navigation panel and make it active Arrow Up key
Move to the next navigation panel and make it active Ctrl + Tab
Expand the current bookmark Arrow Right key
Collapse the current bookmark Arrow Left key
Expand all bookmarks Shift + *
Collapse selected bookmark /
Move focus to the next item in a navigation panel Arrow Down key
Move focus to the previous item in a navigation panel Arrow Up key
Run the command in focus Spacebar

Download Adobe Acrobat Pro Shortcuts PDF format

Download Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts PDF

Get full control over Adobe Acrobat by exploring all these Acrobat Pro shortcuts for Windows users. These shortcuts will assist you to become faster. Do you wish to have a look at Adobe Animate shortcuts, another great software from the Adobe Family?



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