60 Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcut

for Windows

Learning Internet Explorer Shortcut can be of no harm to you. Instead, it will help browsing become easier, more convenient as well effective for you. Also, your experience working with Internet Explorer will smoothen and improve. However, Internet Explorer has lost its charm with the launch of Firefox and Google Chrome.

Download Internet Explorer Shortcuts PDF

Given below is the list of most of the Internet Explorer Shortcuts. You can download the Internet Explorer Shortcut list in PDF form. The Windows web browser platform is Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. This browser was created by Microsoft Corporation on October 18, 2006. We can use shortcut keys to simplify setup and navigation.

Most used Internet Explorer shortcut

Action Internet Explorer shortcut
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Select all Ctrl + A
Open a new window Ctrl + N
Close the current window Ctrl + W
Print the current page Ctrl + P
Save the current page Ctrl + S
Activate a selected link Enter

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Inside Webpages Shortcuts

Action Internet Explorer Shortcut keys
Scroll down inside a webpage Down Arrow key
Scroll up inside a webpage Up Arrow key
Jump one page down Page Up key
Jump one page up Page Down key
Move to the beginning of a document Home
Move to the end of a document End
Increase text size Ctrl + +
Decrease text size Ctrl + –
Reset text size to default Ctrl + 0
Move forward through items on a webpage Tab
Move backward through items on a webpage Shift + Tab
Refresh the current webpage F5
Refresh the current webpage with cache override Ctrl + F5
Turn caret browsing on or off F7
Stop loading webpage Esc

History & Search Shortcuts

Action Internet Explorer Shortcut keys
Open Favorites box Ctrl + I
Open the Favorites box in pinned mode Ctrl + Shift + I
Open History box Ctrl + H
Open History in pinned mode Ctrl + Shift + H
Open Feeds Ctrl + J
Open Feeds in pinned mode Ctrl + Shift + J
Add the current webpage to the favorites Ctrl + D
Open find window Ctrl + F

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Manage Windows Shortcuts

Action Internet Explorer Shortcut keys
Opens the title bar menu Alt + Spacebar
Restore Window Alt + Spacebar + Enter
Maximize Window Alt + Spacebar + X
Minimize Window Alt + Spacebar + N
Toggle regular window Alt + Shift + Enter
Turn full page view on or off F11
Move forward between window elements F6

Tab Browsing Shortcuts

Action Internet Explorer Shortcut keys
Open a new tab in the same window Ctrl + T
Duplicate current tab Ctrl + K
Jump to the next browser tab Ctrl + Tab
Jump to the previous browser tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Close the current tab Ctrl + W
Restore closed tab Ctrl + Shift + T
Jump to browser tab 1…9 Ctrl + 1…9

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Privacy Settings Shortcuts

Action Internet Explorer Shortcut keys
Turn in-private filtering on or off Ctrl + Shift + F
Open a private browsing window or incognito mode Ctrl + Shift + P
Open Delete Browsing History Menu Ctrl + Shift + Delete

Others Shortcuts

Action Internet Explorer Shortcuts
Go to the Home webpage Alt + Home
Go to the next webpage Alt + Right Arrow key
Go to the previous webpage Alt + Left Arrow key
Jump to address bar Alt + D
Jump to the Instant Search box Ctrl + E
View list of search providers Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Open search results in the new tab Alt + Enter
Print the current webpage Alt + P
Open Developer Tools F12
Open location Ctrl + O
Internet Explorer Help F1
View webpage source Alt + V + C

The above list of Internet Explorer shortcuts is what I always look for. Not because I am lazy, but because I can shave a few seconds for some more important task. Alternative software for web browsing in place of Internet Explorer is Safari and Google Chrome. Check out Safari Shortcuts.


What is Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer (IE) was a web browser developed by Microsoft. It was one of the most widely used web browsers but has been replaced by Microsoft Edge as the default browser in Windows 10. However, some users may still be using older versions of Internet Explorer.

What are some commonly used Internet Explorer shortcuts?

Here are a few commonly used shortcuts in Internet Explorer:

  • Ctrl + T: Open a new tab.
  • Ctrl + Shift + T: Reopen the last closed tab.
  • Ctrl + W: Close the current tab.
  • Ctrl + Tab: Switch to the next tab.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Tab: Switch to the previous tab.
  • Ctrl + F: Open the Find dialog to search for text on the current page.
  • Ctrl + H: Open the History sidebar to view browsing history.
  • Ctrl + D: Add the current page to Favorites.
  • Ctrl + N: Open a new Internet Explorer window.
  • Alt + Left Arrow: Go back to the previous page.


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